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International Arbitration Channel is a world player in the dissemination and promotion of Arbitration


views in a hundred countries

We reach all continents and more than 100 countries.

+ than30

participating nationalities

Guests from dozens of different nationalities presenting the plurality of International Arbitration.


of exclusive content

More than 100 exclusive videos covering the main Arbitration events and happenings.


English Portuguese and Spanish

All channel content available in three languages ​​for professionals and students around the world.


Bord Members, Collaborators, Curators and Enthusiasts

We are more than a team, we are a network of people from varied backgrounds, working in the most different segments and in different countries involved in the proposal to democratize and multiply knowledge in International Arbitration.

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Information and knowledge sharing

Arbitration Channel is the main disseminator, promoter and democratizer of the International Arbitration theme.

We have an effective presence on all continents, an audience in over 100 countries, exclusive content in different languages ​​and full recognition from the national and international arbitration community.

  • Largest promotion channel dedicated and exclusive to the subject of Arbitration
  • More than 300 exclusive videos
  • Presence at major national and international events
  • Partnership with the most important global players
  • Collaboration of the largest and most respected educational institutions around the world
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We are the largest alternative dispute resolution media

Our programs cover Arbitration, bringing what is important, notorious and also behind the scenes. In addition to presenting the main global events in the area and addressing major themes, we always bring the real characters who give life and shape to events with seriousness and exclusivity.

Our goal is to be relevant to you who follow Arbitration Channel. Send your suggestions for interviews, interviewees, themes, agendas and collaborate with the quality of our programming.

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Our YouTube channel is the leading global media dedicated exclusively to the world of Arbitration. Come and discover our content.

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Meet the maintainers and partners who support Arbitration Channel, Canal Arbitraje and Canal Arbitragem

They help in international arbitrational promotion, our mission.


Get to know the profile of the Maintainers who make the Arbitragem Channel one of the most important in the world.

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Check out the Partners who walk with Arbitration Channel in the project to publicize and promote the theme.

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Academic Partners

Get to know the Teaching Institutions around the world that collaborate to make the Arbitration Channel relevant inside and outside Brazil.

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Our main purpose is the democratization of knowledge and the promotion of International Arbitration

Therefore, our content is online, free, completely independent and available in a simple and direct way.

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Presence and organization of major International Arbitration events

Arbitration Channel is also a media partner and co-organizer of significant national and international events dedicated to the subject in several countries, such as Brasil, Angola, Austria, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey and Uruguay.

Our participation in the next main events in the segment is already confirmed. We will also hold numerous exclusive events under the our channels seal.